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Continuing a family history that spans almost 100 years in the furniture industry, Dave White founded Kwick Kleen Industrial Solvents in February 1974.  From the design of one of America’s most unique pieces of furniture, to manufacturing, sales, and service, four generations of this family have revolved around the furniture industry.



We are a privately owned company that specializes in manufacturing products for businesses that strip, refinish, refurbish, restore, and finish durable items.  We have four primary areas of endeavor.


We help establish, assist and maintain independent furniture refinishing, restoration and coating removal services.


We develop and manufacture finish and specialty coating removers.  The furniture industry is our largest user, followed by architectural, aircraft, OEM, marine and automotive.


We manufacture finishing products that are like or duplicate what the furniture industry has used on American and some European furniture.


We assist our customers with technical support through our training schools, telephone and online customer support.



From our very first day, our mission statement remains to develop and manufacture the highest quality products for the discriminating user that demands quality for their work.  The “productivity” of each item is given greater emphasis over just a “cheap price”.




 Developed the Kwick Kleen #125 paint remover formula.  The first truly water rinse able methylene chloride remover in the industry.


Developed and trademarked the Flow-Over method of applying paint remover through a pump system fitted with a brush.


Started the first delivery service within the industry.


 Published the first catalog devoted to products used in this industry.


Developed a lacquer-to-polyurethane conversion finish – Fast Dry Polyurethane.


 Kwick Kleen went through a series of corporate and business changes.  Restoration Chemical Inc. was established as the manufacturer of Kwick Kleen products.


Established industries first company website, which now includes on-line ordering.


Developed the Controlled Air Movement (CAM) shop ventilation system.


Developed the Controlled Restoration System (CRS) that allows for the total furniture refinishing process to be conducted in a small area, utilizing the same equipment and centralized exhaust system.


Introduced “Extreme Wood Finishing” by developing the products and methods for exterior wood finishing that greatly extends finish life.


Developed “Sun Block”, a sunscreen for exterior wood finishing applications.

Developed a lacquer-to-polyurethane conversion finish with UV inhibitors to allow for exterior use – Exterior Fast Dry Polyurethane.


Developed Fast-Drying Polyurethane Oiled Floor Stabilizer and Finish to seal and stabilize antique oiled floors.

Developed Log Home & Deck Finish - conversion urethane that penetrates and seals the wood while producing a water repellent surface to protect the wood.


  Comparison shop before you buy!  When you compare the Kwick Kleen equipment to others, it’s soon obvious that most are cheap copies of our original.  In thirty years, we have never had a customer replace a Kwick Kleen Flow-Over System, other than through use and wear.



We literally wrote the book on many formulas that have become industry standards.  Our removers take less time to work, require less picking, scrubbing and scraping and thus result in a clean surface without additional treatments.  The removers have also been developed to be recycled without the use of specialized equipment.  Our products are environmentally friendly; your evaporation is controlled and your only waste is what you remove.

Our goal is to produce a product that will do more work per gallon, in less time, and in doing so will generate more income than any other.  Sometimes the impossible is “not” always impossible.  Through the years we have also developed removers for specialized finishes and coatings.  This has allowed many manufacturers to recycle or reclaim their rejects.

Our finishing products allow the user to duplicate both old and new finishing techniques and looks.  The Kwick Kleen Fast Dry Polyurethane has set new standards for durability, longevity and maintainability for topcoats.



Kwick Kleen’s approach to safety is total facility and not just individual pieces of equipment.  You work in your entire shop, not just around a few pieces of equipment.  This allows consideration of other exposure risks that are commonly over looked, like adhesive fumes and wood dust.



Join our Kwick Kleen on-line Forum and get 24/7 help from one of the most knowledgeable groups in the industry.






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